Gentle Chiropractic Treatment

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Gentle Chiropractic Treatment

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We do things differently from the average chiropractor

You’ve probably found us because you are in pain – and you’re looking for someone who can make the pain go away. If you’re like most people, you’re extremely choosy when it comes to finding the right chiropractor. You don’t want someone who’s just going to crack you and send you on your way. You may even have fears about chiropractic in general – fears that it will be too rough or painful, or that you’ll become dependent on it. We can quell those fears.

If you’re looking for a holistic, gentle approach to chiropractic care that will free you from your pain once and for all, you’ve come to the right place. At Southern Oregon Sports & Spine (SOSAS), we offer an integrated, caring approach to pain management that gives your body all the tools it needs to feel better. Formerly known as Heller Chiropractic, we have been a staple of the community for over 30 years. Through our close relationships with local doctors, specialists, and hospitals, we will make sure you get the complete care you need.

Let us ease you toward a life without pain!

Dr. Marc Heller, Dr. Matt Terreri,  and Dr. Rachel Knight

I was referred to Heller Chiropractic after spending the summer as a professional patient. I had met with 16 doctors before arriving on the doorstep. My pain was crippling, and I had a raft of painkillers that were not addressing the cause of the pain. After my first treatment, I could walk without pain. After follow-up visits, I was able to throw away the pain pills, and now I am back in my Pilates class, I can sleep at night, and my posture is so much better overall.

Doreen O’Skea

I have had lower back problems for over 10 years and have gone to several chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists. Dr. Heller took the time to talk about my entire medical history, find root causes for my pain, and go over what had been tried in the past. He gave me stretches and exercises not only to alleviate the current pain I was in but also to prevent future occurrences. He and his staff enabled me to finally break out of the cycle of pain I was in and substantially improved my health and well-being.

Natalie Case

I had been hit by a car several years before coming to Heller Chiropractic. Three or four years after being hit on my left side, I had to have a hip replacement. My lower back hurt constantly. Medical doctors said, “There is nothing wrong” and got very upset when I mentioned chiropractic. My daughter had been going to Dr. Heller and insisted that I try it. It took a few months, but each time I had a treatment, I could tell it was better. Marc and Matt are miracle workers. They keep me going.


Marc is not only an incredible teacher, he is a wonderful human being. Among his gifts are simplicity, humility, and an unquenchable thirst for professional advancement. Marc is willing and able to share his learning and insights in a down-to-earth format. He is always seeking to improve the quality of the product he delivers, whether in a clinical or instructional setting. Marc uses his teaching opportunities to engage with the participants and explore how we might transform the knowledge and experience of leading thinkers and clinicians into the techniques and approaches that may best serve our patients.

George Lescher, PT

What We Treat

How We Practice

Patient receiving neck adjustment

Each and every body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Our job as chiropractors is to help your body do what it knows how to do to feel better but has temporarily forgotten. In difficult or chronic cases, we look beyond the obvious causes to unearth what hidden factors might be contributing your suffering.

Because most pain involves multiple factors, our approach to resolving it is threefold.

  • First, we provide gentle, low force adjustments to the joints. Misaligned joints or vertebrae are the root cause of many types of pain.
  • Second, we offer soft tissue therapies, which allow your muscles to release their tight hold. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but oxygen and nutrients will have an easier time reaching your muscles, allowing them to heal.
  • Third, we teach you how to take care of your body, with rehabilitation exercises and stretches specifically geared to your condition. Teaching your body new ways of holding itself is key to a life without pain.

Our integrated three-step approach to pain resolution gives you the best possible chances of leaving behind the postural patterns that cause you pain.

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