Waiter's bow exercise

Waiter’s bow exercise

Marc’s article is the second of a series on flexion-intolerant lower back pain.  We emphasize the basic things the patient has to learn or re-learn in their own movement patterns, in order to heal a disc or flexion-intolerant lower back.

I had a patient, who had moved away, and then came back for a short visit a few months ago. He had herniated a disc when he was my patient, and we thought we had helped him rehab from it.  When he returned, he had re-herniated his discs two more times, and had two more surgeries.  As I watched him move I realized that he had never understood the hip hinge: that he, over and over, was bending forward the wrong way.  He continued, years later, to irritate and inflame his lower lumbar discs, which made me sad. This principle is so simple and basic, and yet sometimes hard to master.