Links to the best available online resources.

Dr. Marc Heller’s YouTube channel

Marc’s YouTube channel features instructional videos for both patients and professionals.


Stephen Levin, MD’s site explores the concept of biotensegrity, how biological systems obey the laws of tensegrity, and how this influences clinical perspective.

Graston Technique

Covers the Graston technique in detail.

Neuro-Modulation Techniques

Offers an in-depth introduction to neuro-modulation techniques.

Marc Heller’s Current Dynamic Chiropractic Articles

Read Marc Heller’s Archived Dynamic Chiropractic articles.

Bray International

This website describes the Vertebral Distraction Pump and how it can be used to help your patients.

What Broke My Father’s Heart

This article from the New York Times is profound. It addresses medical over-treatment, the human costs of lives extended beyond the ideal, and how the system is set up to push it, even when well-intentioned patients and doctors don’t want it.