Sciatica & Disc Pain

There is hope for sufferers of lower back pain and sciatica.

Sciatica and Disc Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Marc Heller is a recognized national chiropractic expert on discogenic pain. He has written and published several articles on this topic in a national magazine, Dynamic Chiropractic. He has taught classes on treating lower back pain and sciatica to chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopaths in Portland, OR, New York City, and Melbourne, Australia.

In addition, Dr. Heller deals with his own chronic torn disc. He has suffered with lower back pain and sciatica, and knows the topic from the inside as well as from his studies and teaching.

What does this mean to you? If you can be helped without surgery or injections, we know the best ways to do this. If you need surgery or injections, we work closely with the best, most conservative (in the medical sense) surgeons and pain doctors.

Your Ability To Help Heal Yourself

As always, we believe in your ability to help heal yourself, and our goal is to maximize your healing potential. With disc problems, the key is learning to move differently, and learning the right exercises that strengthen your core, without putting you at risk of injuring yourself.

Can we treat disc pain? The longer answer is yes; we can unload the disc, and create a more optimal environment that gives the damaged disc the best chance to heal, and help you create a strong muscular core around the damaged disc to stabilize it.

Can a chiropractor adjust a herniated disc? The simple answer is no. The more complete answer goes to the heart of the problem:

  • We use the Joint by Joint approach, to unload or spare the disc.

  • The goal is to get the disc to move less, and to be more stable.

  • We do adjust or mobilize, with safe low force methods, the surrounding areas when they are stuck.

  • This would include assessing and treating the hips, the Sacro-Iliac, and the upper lumbar and thoracic spine.

Start Moving Towards A Life Without Pain

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