Telehealth at Sports & Spine

Dr. Marc and Dr. Matt are Available to Coach You via Telemedicine

During the Covid 19 crisis, we can treat a very limited number of patients in person as support the need for social distancing. If you are in acute pain, or cannot function, please leave us a message (541-482-0625) and we will arrange to see you at the office.

Otherwise, we can help existing patients via telemedicine consults. We would skype, zoom or facetime with you.

We are not sure whether your insurance will cover this, so it will be directly billed to you.

If you’d like to request a telemedicine consult, please call 541-482-0625 and leave a message.

What Do I Need for a Telemedicine Visit?

  1. An Internet Connection
  2. One of these video-conferencing applications installed.
    Skype, Zoom or Facetime

Ideally, you should have a tablet you can put on a surface so we can watch you move.

How a Telemedicine Visit Can Help

We can help with these issues during a telemedicine consult.

  1. Do you know what exercises give you pain relief? And do you do them?
    We can help you figure that out, and encourage you.
  2. Are you moving properly?
    This is critical. If you are moving wrong, you are hurting yourself, over and over. You can’t get well if you keep injuring yourself. Spine hygiene is not too complicated, but it does require you to change your long-standing habits. This can be challenging. We can look at you, and tell you what to work on.
  3. Do you know which core exercises are safe and effective for you?
    We know which ones are likely to work for you, and video is a good way to assess your knowledge and form. Doing the wrong strengthening exercises can work against you. Again, don’t hurt yourself if you want to get well.

Stay well, stay safe, keep moving.
Dr. Marc and Dr. Matt