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For years I have had a fear of Chiropractic work; so afraid that a “bone cracker would increase” my chronic back issues. My orthopedic surgeon recommended Marc Heller to me as Marc had worked on his family personally.
After dealing with a dislocated rib for months that deteriorated into back spasms, I took a chance. Marc gave me back something I had lost years ago – HOPE! Marc is amazing! Within the first few visits he was able to adjust my back to being able to stand up straight, stopped the spasms, and draw a full breath without pain. My back is now mobile again, allowing me to do exercising to strengthen my back.
In fact, I was so impressed by Marc’s knowledge and genuinely caring personal attention that I brought in both of my children for his help.
With Marc and the other impressive practitioners, you are not a number or a dollar sign walking through the door. I’m truly blessed to have found them and thanks to Marc and staff I can enjoy life again.

—Cindy Spangler

Marc, Kudos to you for your care and management techniques including your staff. My body has been in a chronic, deep and debilitating physical state for over 10 years and I am overjoyed with my new physical freedoms since being in your care.I’m empowered with a new sense of self complete with exercise regime. I now feel like the person I knew I was and missed being. Since our sessions I’ve been able to carry and pack my own grocery bags, have been gardening non-stop, and have danced where-ever my heart desires, but there has been so much more. You and your staff are great! I recommend and appreciate you all very much. Thanks for everything.

—Michelle Richards

I have had lower back problems for over 10 years and have gone to several chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists. Dr. Heller took the time to talk about my entire medical history, find root causes for my pain, and go over what had been tried in the past. He gave me stretches and exercises not only to alleviate the current pain I was in but also to prevent future occurrences. He and his staff enabled me to finally break out of the cycle of pain I was in and substantially improved my health and well-being.

—Natalie Case

I was referred to Heller Chiropractic after spending the summer as a professional patient. I had met with 16 doctors before arriving on the doorstep. My pain was crippling, and I had a raft of painkillers that were not addressing the cause of the pain. After my first treatment, I could walk without pain. After follow-up visits, I was able to throw away the pain pills, and now I am back in my Pilates class, I can sleep at night, and my posture is so much better overall.I

—Doreen O’Skea

I rarely have to see a chiropractor and always go to see Marc for treatment. Marc inspires trust through many years of experience and study. He is a great listener and communicator. He is sensitive and kind and compassionate. And he is cheerful, genuinely cheerful. His work has always helped my back issues to resolve in one to three visits. He supports and encourages me to assist in my healing with exercises and handouts. I think of Marc as a man who has found his secret to happiness through service to his family and patients. I strained both my Achilles tendons doing salsa aerobics. So I had pain in both tendons, calves, and the bottom of my feet. Thanks to Matt and the massage therapists’ great team effort, I feel almost fully healed after four months, which is excellent progress with such an injury. I feel they brought great expertise, wonderful listening skills, and worked very carefully to find my “edge,” the point where they could be most effective. The office is friendly and well-managed and extremely attentive. I’m back to the gym every day and confident I can heal completely.

—Steve Neuberger

I want to thank you for performing the internal adjustment of my coccyx. The treatment was a complete success. When I was a teenager, I was dropped onto concrete from a height of five feet. Ever since then, I have had trouble sitting. By the time I came to see you, sitting upright caused me great discomfort. Sitting on hard surfaces was unbearable. I was reduced to standing up or laying down most of the day. It has been three weeks since your treatment, and sitting up — even on hard surfaces — is now a pleasant experience. Prior to my visit, a rectal manipulation of my coccyx sounded excruciatingly painful. Much to my surprise, the adjustment was no worse than a rectal examination. No one likes rectal exams, but it certainly wasn’t any more painful than a rectal exam. The gentle pressure you placed upon my coccyx was quite tolerable. Best of all, the treatment brought total relief. Thank you again for the coccyx adjustment. If I had known the treatment would be so painless and the relief so immediate, I would have done it years ago.

—Susan Hilgar, Las Vegas, Nevada

After 3½ years of seeing several physical therapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors, my lowerback pain remained. I had tried everything and gotten different answers from everyone about what exercises and treatment were best for me. I wanted to find someone who could combine all the different professionals for a complete look at the problem. After doing some research online about my condition, I found many of Dr. Heller’s articles about SI joint instability and hypermobility that seemed to fit my situation. After only two weeks of seeing Dr. Heller, I not only felt better, but also felt more empowered by understanding my condition better. He looked at the facts, listened to my concerns, explained things, and answered all my questions. He looked at the whole picture and addressed all the problems, not just my SI joint. He provided me with exercises so I can help myself and made sure I understood what they were for. Thanks Marc.


Marc quickly diagnosed my problem and really understood my situation. With his help, I was able to resolve my issues with lower back pain. The combination of his manipulation and my doing the exercises he suggested was a winner!

—Chris Cook

I had moderate to severe sciatica pain down the right side of my body from the lower back down through my leg. Dr. Heller used his adjustment technique on my coccyx, and I had immediate relief. His warmth and sense of humor allowed me to handle the coccyx adjustment, which is an outer and internal adjustment. His staff is friendly and great. He is kind and attentive. Before coming to Dr. Heller, no one had been able to make my tailbone better.

—Lori Warfield

I had been hit by a car several years before coming to Heller Chiropractic. Three or four years after being hit on my left side, I had to have a hip replacement. My lower back hurt constantly. Medical doctors said, “There is nothing wrong” and got very upset when I mentioned chiropractic. My daughter had been going to Dr. Heller and insisted that I try it. It took a few months, but each time I had a treatment, I could tell it was better. Marc and Matt are miracle workers. They keep me going.


Three auto wrecks over a 15-year period of time led me to a wide variety of mostly unsuccessful Western medicine and alternative treatments. Debilitating headaches from whiplash, limited physical abilities, and acute and chronic back pain occasionally led to periods of anxiety and depression that in turn caused me to isolate. I grew in acquaintance with the word “suffering.” At the end of my road with an attitude of resignation that my condition was seemingly permanent, an osteopath suggested Marc Heller, DC. I recall feeling somewhat defiant during my initial appointment, thinking “Another chiropractor….” Though I was fearful of getting “slammed” by aggressive adjustments, Dr. Marc had new and different approaches and techniques. Whereas other well-meaning practitioners frequently exacerbated my condition as a result of treatments or at best gave temporary relief, Marc provided curative modalities. For example, Graston, laser, low force adjustments, and cranio-sacral were a winning combination for my condition. They even helped me with my longtime TMJ pain. Additionally, Beth Heller was a huge part of my recovery. Beth’s intuitive massage therapy, combined with compassion, was a turning point. Within a short period of time, I improved. Then I improved significantly. I was back to participating in most of my life activities. Sometimes I “overdid,” causing temporary setbacks but was reassured that I would get back in action. Later in my treatment plan, Ra, a massage therapist unlike any other, provided his healing hands. Even though I resisted him at first, his deeper intuitive massage touch, combined with Graston, laser, and scenar, is very effective. His skillful massage and techniques prevented me from spiraling downward and got me skipping down the road again. On occasion, I gladly visit Dr. Heller’s office and ask for the treatment that I now know works for me. I call it my “curative-preventative tune-up.” If you are at the end of your road looking for the last house on the block for pain relief and increased mobility, consider Marc Heller and his outstanding team of providers.

—Linda K. Rolie


Marc Heller is a refreshing bright star in chiropractic. He is never completely satisfied with our current concepts of healing and always strives to think and act outside of the box. He continues to take numerous courses and synthesizes the material for easy digestion. I definitely recommend his seminars and videos.… Marc Heller and I have been on similar paths for many years. He has realized the value of adding soft tissue methods to the chiropractic paradigm and has devoted the last 30 years to continued research and study on the subject. He has taken low force manipulation, soft tissue methods, and rehabilitation to a new level. Thanks to the dedication of people like Dr. Heller, practitioners can experience enhanced results with difficult cases and reap greater benefits from their practices.

—Warren Hammer, DC, MS, DABCO

Marc is not only an incredible teacher, he is a wonderful human being. Among his gifts are simplicity, humility, and an unquenchable thirst for professional advancement. Marc is willing and able to share his learning and insights in a down-to-earth format. He is always seeking to improve the quality of the product he delivers, whether in a clinical or instructional setting. Marc uses his teaching opportunities to engage with the participants and explore how we might transform the knowledge and experience of leading thinkers and clinicians into the techniques and approaches that may best serve our patients.

—George Lescher, PT

Marc Heller is one of the most astute “hands-on” practitioners I know. His mind is both wide open and highly critical. He has that rare ability to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the seemingly endless manual therapy methods that are presented as the “latest & greatest.”

—Craig Liebenson, DC

Marc has been a friend for a number of years. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him speak several times and have always enjoyed his articles in Dynamic Chiropractic. There are very few clinicians with the expertise of Marc when it comes to biomechanics and the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly when you are looking at soft-tissue–related dysfunction. It is my hope that I will have many more opportunities to hear this bright, talented, patient-centered, evidence-driven clinician in the future. Without question, I HIGHLY recommend any course Marc is teaching.

—Tom Hyde, DC

After attending the 1st 100 hours of postgraduate chiropractic rehabilitation, I had the opportunity to watch Marc Heller’s rehab video. Marc’s video is better-organized, easier to use the next day in practice, and obviously less expensive and easier to attend.

—Lonnie Johnson, DC

Marc Heller is among the foremost teachers and thinkers in the field of manual medicine. I respect his determination to uncover the deeper truth and to convey this in a clear and practical manner.

—George Roth, DC, ND

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