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Patient Video Instructions

See below for video instructions and handouts on our continually growing list of recommended exercises.

One Leg Standing

Cervical Fascial Release

Correcting Anterior Cervical Fixation

Back Pain: Decompress Your Back

Marc Heller is continually adding to the extensive list of videos on YouTube. Follow this link: Marc Heller YouTube Videos to see others that may be of interest to your health.

Exercise Handouts

Upper Cervical Side Bend

Piriformis Strength

Core Specific Stability Training

Find It Fix It Retrain It


SCM Stretch

Cervical Muscles

SI#3 – Muscles

Disc Muscles

Pain Relief Exercise LB

SI Correx: A Different Model

Core Stability


Hip Myofascial

Mod Down Dog

Slumber Party Pose v3

Spine Squat

Hip With Strap

Retraining The Psoas

Rotation Control Supine

Standing Rotation Control

Supine Marching for SI Stability

Rehab Potpourri

Psoas Retraining

Hip: Sitting Internal Rotation

Upper Trap Subtle

Upper Trap-Sahrmann