Special family focuses – helping with the bumps.

Being pregnant is such a wonderful, ever-changing and also sometimes scary and uncomfortable part of a woman’s life. Working with pregnant women, and then one day their children, is a special privilege and gift. Even years after being blessed with the first of my children, I still feel such appreciation and gratitude for my caregivers when it was my time and I am passionate about paying that forward by supporting both new and experienced mothers and their children on their journey.

In the first trimester, tension headaches can be an issue and chiropractic is an extremely effective way of alleviating the neck tension that begins in the shoulders and neck and creeps into the connected musculature of the back of the head which results in tension headaches.

Usually Moms start to feel better immediately after a visit.

There are common symptoms with which I help moms so they can focus instead on their growing baby. As that little bundle of joy begins to gain in a little bundle of weight, the associated hormonal and postural changes can create symptoms such as low back pain and abdominal pains (round ligament pain being a common culprit). I think of the baby as being supported by an intricate web that attaches throughout the bony and soft tissues of the mother. Put tension on any one aspect of the web, and all the other structures experience increased tension which can result in many kinds of low back and pelvic discomfort.

After the baby for Moms (and Dads):
Ever carry a happy or unhappy baby for long periods of time? As new or new again moms and dads know, those little bundles of joy can cause achy backs and necks! We can provide some relief and strengthening exercises as well to help as the babies grow and wriggle.